Mastercard Prepares to Connect UAE Consumers to their Passion for Culinary Experiences


Following the recent introduction of its symbol and sonic branding, Mastercard announced the latest milestone in its brand transformation journey by introducing a series of unique passion-led culinary experiences as it aims to captivate consumers through sight, sound and taste. Mastercard is bringing its Priceless platform to life by connecting consumers to their passions, in line with the rise of the experiential economy and growing consumer preferences for unique experiences over material purchases.

To celebrate the brand’s latest transformation milestone, Mastercard has collaborated with Vogue Arabia to launch Fashion on a Plate – a series of Priceless dining experiences that will marry fine dining and high fashion to deliver unforgettable multisensory dining experiences. The partnership was announced at an exclusive launch event hosted by Mastercard and Vogue Arabia at Dubai Opera on 9 April 2019.

The flagship event brought together industry leaders, entrepreneurs, influencers and artists who share a passion for food and innovation, to introduce the partnership and showcase Mastercard’s foray into the culinary space, building on its legacy of delivering Priceless experiences. The exclusive gathering featured a menu co-created by acclaimed Syrian couturier Rami Al Ali as part of an immersive, fashion-inspired event with performances by renowned soprano Bettina Schweiger and the Sima Dance Company.

Fashion on a Plate is the first in a series of concepts to be rolled out by Mastercard and Vogue to deliver extraordinary culinary moments for epicurean enthusiasts across the Emirates, and is set to become a hallmark of the UAE’s increasingly sophisticated F&B landscape. Fashion on a Plate experiences will soon be available to consumers through a range of events and at a selection of restaurants across the UAE, where diners will be treated to exclusive Priceless experiences brought to life by the UAE’s leading culinary and fashion experts.


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