Mary Chilima rap music video trending: BBC features the ‘Michelle Obama factor’ in Malawi campaign


Campaign is coming in all sorts of forms. But one that UTM Party is displaying is something else. When UTM presidential candidate who is also the country’s vice president Saulos Chilima is addressing Imbizos into the night, his wife, Mary is also doing her own campaign.

Mary Chilima: UTM president Saluos Chilima’s ‘bea’ in the music video

Mary Chilimba: The possible First Lady

Mary Chilima and UTM members in the video shoot

This week, Mary Chilima released a music video which is a response to rapper Phyzix’s political song ‘Mutipatsa?’ It went viral within minutes of its release.

In the music video, Mary Chilima is assuring the people that ‘yes indeed Saulos and Usi ticket will deliver’.

The professionally shot video starts with a news  conference where a reporter (played by Hellen Chabunya) is asking Mary Chilima, ‘Mutipatsa?’

The vocal arrangement and the rapping by Mary Chilima has shown her other artistic side. She raps so well with clear message delivery.

The costume is also great. She fits so well, whether in UTM t shirts and new UTM track suits.

The dancing is also marvelous to watch.

People on social media have been sharing the video since its release Thursday morning and it is trending.

The language used in the song is targeting the youth who traditionally vote in large numbers.

She uses words like ‘Bea’ meaning lover or ‘Tiiphula’ meaning ‘we will win the game’.

Apapa game yapita kwa kuya (This video has put the political campaign game beyond reach of other candidates),” remarked one social media user, Maxwell Thawani.

The song even attracted the attention of the BBC which featured her story on its BBC Focus on Africa programme on Thursday evening.

It has also been reported on various news sites in Africa , including on  Mwebantu a leading online news website and social media platform in Zambia

Mary Chilima is helping her husband in the campaign not only through songs.She has been visiting community colleges targeting the youth vote too.

While her husband is getting stuck in the mud in rural areas trying to get votes for State House on May 21, she has also been on her tour of her own.

Just like Michelle Obama helped her husband Barack Obama to win support in the USA elections, Mary Chilima has also borrowed a leaf to seek votes for her husband.

Her charming beauty and good sense of fashion is helping matters.

“This is the First Lady we would want in the State House. She is selfless, she is just loved by all people, even when she is visiting hospitals and carrying babies, they just smile, si zinazi ayi,” remarked another social media user Mickless Mangondo.

Mary, a graduate of University of Malawi, The Polytechnic, met Saulos in the early 90s and got married in a colourful wedding in Blantyre in the early 2000.

The couple has two children together, Shaun and Elizabeth.

Mary worked in the banking sector before quitting to concentrate on her business and philanthropic duties.

With the trending music video and the blistering campaign, can ‘Rango’ manage something like this?

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