Morocco: even separated from Mohammed VI, Lalla Salma always under high protection


Lalla Salma

Despite her divorce announced with the king of Morocco, Mohammed VI, princess Lalla Salma always has a high level of protection of the royal guard.

Since the annoucment of her divorce with the king of Morocco, Mohammed VI she still benefit from some essential part of privileges. At least that is what we learn from the journal Maghreb Online, which in its edition of Saturday 19 January 2019, reveals that the princess Lalla Salma born Bennani has always the privilege to enjoy from the fortune of her ex-husband, the king of Morocco.

The journal, which based on the testimony of people who have seen the shopping in the city of Patras, went further, stating that the mother of Moulay El Hassan and princess Lalla Khadija, in addition to the fact of having kept his villa purchased in Greece, is always accompanied by his bodyguards, graciously paid for by the palace.

Almost a year ago that the divorce between the king of Morocco and the princess was announced, still no reaction. Both at the level of the royal palace in the entourage of the princess Lalla Salma. Since this date, the king appears more with his son Moulay El Hassan, who himself presides over several events, including sports. On the political front, the son of Lalla Salma accompanied her father during major appointment. This is the case during the commemoration of the armistice in France.


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