Morocco: Parents of French high school students request a waiver of higher university fees


Curious claim that that which was addressed on January 15 to the French ambassador in Morocco. In a two-page letter, five associations of parents of students enrolled in French schools demand a waiver of university fees in France, which will be increased in 2019 for foreign students from outside Europe.

"In the first place, it should be remembered that pursuing university studies in France represents for foreign families a real economic project. (…) We estimate that the cost of a university year in France is between 15,000 and 25,000 euros per student, write the five associations. It is the Association of Autonomous Collectives of Parents of Pupils (CAPE); the Association of Independent Parents (API); the Parents' Association of French Public Schools in Morocco (PEEP); the Kenitra Parent Association (APEK) and the Union of Parents' Councils (UCPE). However, a little further, they do not hesitate to stress that "these [tariff] constraints mainly concern needy families."

"Needy" families?

The parents of Moroccan students attending French schools should therefore, according to the mail which we have been able to see, benefit from a derogation in order to continue their studies in France. What about other Moroccan students? However, it is not for lack of recalling, in the letter, "the founding and fundamental principles that only the Republic managed to preserve still: equality of chances for the access to the university, main engine of the social elevator, heard in the sense of public service ".

Further, despite a rhetorical precaution, they demand an exceptional regime: "Given these elements, and far from dissociating ourselves from foreign students around the world, we wish to highlight the particular case of students coming from French institutions. from abroad because no derogation is foreseen ". To justify their request, the signatories claim to have "largely contributed to the financing of the AEFE network and the influence of the French language". As such, they question the ambassador: "Also, would not it be fair that they (students, ed) are not considered foreign, their baccalaureate being himself enrolled in the rectorate of an academy French. "

Great lords, they conclude their letter stressing that "parents are not registered in a logic of total free" and say "willing to participate financially in improving the conditions of home."


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