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A farmer, who was last year honored by President Uhuru Kenyatta for providing water to wild animals in Tsavo National Park, is desperately in need of financial assistance for a kidney transplant in India.

Patrick Mwalua Kilonzo, who became an internet sensation after his inspirational story was highlighted in February 2017, Sh4 million for a kidney transplant.

He has been undergoing referrals at the Moi County Referral Hospital in the United States of America, a situation that has made him unable to keep supplying water to the wild animals.

His doctors have come to the rescue of a kidney transplant immediately.

"Island appeal niko nayo ni kwamba nipate kwenda kwa matibabu India na nahitaji milioni nne ya kufanya upasuaji so that nipate figo ingine na nikipona niendelee na kazi yangu," Kilonzo said in an interview with K24.


Kilonzo nicknamed 'The Water Man' by locals, says after his story, trended worldwide, an American organization GoFundMe collected over Sh30 million in donations to help fund his work but he is still to receive a single cent.

Kenyans were honored by President Kenyatta during last year's Jamhuri Day celebrations for their exemplary contribution to the nation.

Kilonzo, who has been awarded the Head of State's Commendation (HSC) for his work, also said he is yet to receive the award or any monetarily support from the government.

He started supplying water to the wild animals after he was born during the dry seasons.

He hires a 10,000 liters water bowser for about Sh21,000 and drives it 70 miles from the city to the wilderness to quench the animals' thirst.

The wild animals have since been relocated to other parts of the world.


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