Mali: teachers and students on strike


Thousands of primary and secondary school teachers took part in a protest march on Wednesday in several cities in Mali, including the capital, Bamako. They claim housing and documentation bonuses, among other claims.

The government says it has made efforts, but says it does not want to make promises hard to keep. The Malian school is paralyzed by multiple strikes this year, which raises the threat of a blank year.

The teachers hoped to be better heard, with the march of protest on Wednesday. With scarves and red armbands, the protesters left the CAN Square for the Kwame Krumah monument in the ACI 2000 neighborhood, supervised by the police.

The claims are the same since the beginning of the school year in October to date. L M

" We are protesting because it was a long time ago that we made demands to the government, but they remained dissatisfied, " said a protester.

" The authorities must do everything to ensure that exams are held in better conditions. Alas! in our country, exams are done lightly, "says a teacher.

" It's a struggle that has been going on for three years. This time, no question of returning with crumbs, we are determined, "says another protester.

Teachers also ask for housing bonuses, a better career plan and the regularization of the status of some schools.


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