'Malawi ready for GMO tests'


By Audrey Kapalamula:


The Department of Environmental Affairs (GMO) is a member of the Department of Environmental Affairs.

Michael Makonombera, Deputy Director of the Department of Environmental Affairs, Wednesday.

Makonombera said GMO products have the potential to adversely affect biodiversity as well as people's lives.

"We have been talking about GMOs for so long but the capacity of the people was still limited. What we are doing in this field is the fact that we have been working at the University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (Luanar), " he said.

He made the remarks during a two-day capacity building exercise for GMOs.

"The country came up with legal and institutional frameworks through the establishment of bio-safety committees, tools, policies and laws," he said.

The meeting drew participants from Luanar, Ministry of Agriculture, Malawi Bureau of Standards and Research Stations.


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