Lilongwe City Council seals KFC restaurant


Lilongwe City Council
yesterday sealed the City Mall KFC fast food restaurant over hygiene concerns.

In a letter addressed to KFC management, the council spokesperson Tamara Chafunya says proprietors failed to comply with hygiene requirements contained in the Public Health Act and Local Government (Food by-law) Act 2018.

Will have to reapply for a licence: KFC

She says council officials
and KFC management on Tuesday conducted a joint operation and discovered that
the restaurant personnel,  under  supervision of the manager, were disposing of
contents of the restaurant’s septic tank into an open drainage along the M1

“Taking into consideration
the nature of your business and following the outbreak of cholera within the
city, the council has decided to close the restaurant in accordance with Bylaw
23 of the Local Government (Food-bylaw) 2018 until certain issues have been
rectified,” Chafunya says in the letter.

The letter further says
the restaurant owners will be required to reapply for a license to operate.

The restaurant’s
management could not accept any interview.

Yamikani Khonje, a
disappointed customer, said the restaurant stands at a strategic point where
many people, especially travellers to or from Mzuzu and Blantyre are served.

“I just hope the problems
will be resolved quickly so the restaurant can reopen,” she said.


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