Libya: a crisis roadmap submitted to AU


Libye : une feuille de route de sortie de crise soumise à l’UA
Denis Sassou N'Guesso first recalled the various meetings that were organized on the Libyan crisis, at the initiative of the AU, the European Union (EU), the United Nations and other partners.

"Therefore, the High Level Committee is submitting to your attention a road map for Libya, which provides for the organization in July 2019, here in Addis Ababa, of the exclusive inter-Libyan forum for national reconciliation. This is the pragmatic and realistic way out of the crisis for a peaceful electoral process in Libya, " he said.

The roadmap aims to remove misunderstandings between the United Nations and the AU on holding a reconciliation forum before the general elections; overcome the lack of regular consultations between these two organizations; to fulfill the commitments made during the meetings between the AU Commission, the High Level Committee and the United Nations.

But, also to curb the inconsistencies in the high-level committee to allow Africa to speak with one voice on Libya; to resolve the differences between the Libyans themselves; and to harmonize the isolated initiatives of some countries with the strategies of the United Nations and the AU.


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