Spain offers in Morocco the Grand Theater Cervantes of Tangier


February 10, 2019 – 5.30 pm – Culture

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The Cervantes Grand Theater of Tangier becomes Moroccan, the Spanish government decided Friday, at the Council of Ministers, to donate to the Moroccan authorities while posing some conditions as to its future.

Thus, according to this decision, the Council authorizes Spain and Morocco to sign a memorandum of understanding "potant donation, irrevocably" of the great theater Cervantes of Tangier, specifies a statement of the Spanish executive. The Moroccan government is committed to restore and manage the theater while preserving the Spanish character of the place and its programming.

As this is an international agreement, this agreement must first be validated by the two chambers of the Spanish parliament, reads in the statement of the Spanish executive that reminds that this monument is "one of the buildings the most important cultural centers of the Straits' city while having a "great architectural value that needs to be rehabilitated".

If the two countries reach today an agreement, it is because they were gently pushed by a call of Moroccan and Spanish architects in 2014 which urged them to save this open air masterpiece built there already more than a century ago (December 1913).

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