The professionals gathered in Rabat : Towards the restructuring of the sector of the plastic arts in Morocco


Les professionnels réunis à Rabat : Vers la restructuration du secteur des arts plastiques au Maroc

Define a restructuring of the environment of the visual arts on the training plans and the legal framework, is the objective of the first national symposium on “The situation of the plastic arts in Morocco”, scheduled for 20 December in Rabat.

Initiated by the trade Union of the moroccan visual artists professionals and the moroccan Association of plastic arts, this meeting will see the participation of artists, academics, experts, art critics and cultural journalists, all public and private stakeholders in the sector, including the gallery owners and the professionals of the item “The field of the visual arts is today a very important dynamic both at the level of creativity that the multiplication of events associated with the domain.

But, in spite of important achievements, notably in terms of infrastructure, the conditions are not yet ripe for this field to be able to contribute effectively to the cultural and artistic national and international levels”, say the initiators. Indeed, this conference aims to initiate a thought process and a profound debate not only academic, but also with spin-off practices, in order to achieve important advances for this field. “It is a question of defining a restructuring of the environment of the visual arts on the training plans and the legal framework encompassing the social rights, the rights of author and rights”, says one. Several issues will also be discussed.

It is, in effect, the question of identity and cultural peculiarities in the plastic creation. “The question of markets and marketing will also be discussed”, adds the same source. In this regard, this event features three workshops. The first is placed under the theme of “The artist’s rights : fundamental rights and neighbouring rights”. The second will discuss “The expertise and commercialization in the field of art”, while the third will address “The pedagogy of art education”. The organizers are convinced that the visual arts play an important role in the socio-cultural dynamics of national and they have the ambition that the results of this conference can consolidate and serve this dynamic.


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