Women and fish in Ivory Coast


Fish-related trades are painful and have a bad reputation, but they enable many women to gain financial independence in Côte d'Ivoire.

Women's fishing sector

In Côte d'Ivoire, women are present at all stages after fishing for fish, and they play an essential role in reducing losses.

But in the country's media, women's work is often presented as a burden for women.

Afrika Fischerei l Mitarbeiterinnen in the Ivory Coast (USCOFEP Ivory Coast)

Pride and autonomy

This image, however, is far from reality, as confided Jeannette, mareyeuse at the Abobo market, says: "I do not complain about the way I work, what I do makes me proud.I do not care about Those who think they are above me All that matters to me is that this job I love allows me to take charge of myself and to obtain what I want. have been able to school my children, my family is proud of me. "

Martine, a smoker at the Yopougon Santé market, remembers the loss of her husband, a trigger: "It was a sad event for me and my children, but it made me autonomous because I had to take care of myself My work as a smoker even allowed me to send the children to school. "

A recent project of photo reports led by the Union of Cooperative Societies of Women in Fisheries and Equivalent of Côte d'Ivoire gives another vision of the situation. Take a look at this portfolio:

Through their work as fish smokers or retailers, women become self-reliant and can support their children and their families.

Elfenbeinküste Stadt Yamoussoukro Land und Leute Markt (DW)

Market in Yamoussoukro

Support from the German Friedrich Ebert Foundation

Thilo Schöne, director of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, who has been supporting the work of these women for a year, welcomes this initiative.

"Our partnership has shown that they are proud of their job, they are not only victims but they are doing their job, they are the ones who finance the fishermen, the men, they are the most important in the field of fishing. feeds a large majority of Ivorians. "

On the occasion of International Women's Day, March 8th, this initiative shows that encouraging women's economic activity in Africa enables them to become full-fledged actors in development.


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