The women of Guinea against polygamy


The Coalition of women and girls in Guinea rejects the new civil code, which legalizes polygamy. The text was adopted on Saturday 29 December 2018 by the members of the national Assembly. But it still needs to be promulgated by the president of the Republic to have the force of law.

Gold Alpha Condé was opposed to his signature, returning the text to what is called a second reading, in other words, a review by the meps.

According to the spokesman of the presidency, this decision is motivated by the attitude of female members of parliament from both the ruling party and the opposition, which are the outputs of the chamber to express their rejection of the legalization of polygamy. This approach of the guinean president is it really sincere ?

Listen (by clicking on the main picture of the article above) the reaction of the Dr. Makalé Traoré, university professor, president of the Coalition of women and girls in Guinea, and also president of the Network of women ministers and parliamentarians francophones.


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