Legislative 2019 in Benin: The PUJO identifies anomalies in obtaining tax clearance


The system for obtaining the Unique Tax Identifier (IFU) and tax clearance for the elections of April 2019 in Benin is tainted with anomalies and shortcomings. This is the finding of the Unified Youth Pole of the Opposition ( PUJO ). In a press release dated January 29, 2019, the office mentions its observations and proposes ways to correct them.

In this registration system launched on January 16, 2019 by the Directorate General of Taxes, the PUJO notes the " lack of information on all categories of taxpayers and tax situations online ". Similarly, at the level of the dismemberment of taxes throughout the national territory, there is a " lack of reliable information on the actual procedure for obtaining the IFU number and tax clearance ".

Slow system

According to the PUJO , there is a " concentration of all operations in one very slow and highly complex computer system ". The PUJO also thought about applicants who do not master the computer tool very well. And he believes that "the different deadlines given to potential candidates to finalize the operation are very short ". "It is feared that many will finalize their proceedings before the expiry of these time limits imposed by the tax administration . "

Extension until February 26

These facts are not conducive to ensuring transparency in the organization of elections, says the PUJO . As part of the response measures, he asks the tax administration to "allow the various candidates to fulfill the conditions required to obtain the IFU and the tax clearance until the date of submission of the application files to the CENA " . He also pleads for "the opening of assistance and guidance units in all twelve departments to inform, sensitize and guide potential candidates on the procedure" .


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