Chad celebrates International Education Day


Chad celebrates International Education Day

Under the theme '' education is an essential engine for inclusion and empowerment '' , the International Day of Education celebrated on 24 January 2019 aims to highlight the role of education for peace and education. development in the world.

According to the Minister of National Education and Civic Promotion Aboubakar Assidick Tchoroma, the diagnostics of the Chadian education sector, reveal many weaknesses related to the theme. " 55% of children aged 6 to 24 find themselves outside the school system, " said the minister.

For a population of more than 12 million in 2011, there are around 3 million people aged 15 to 59 years old. The vast majority of the jobs involved reveal that the agricultural and non-agricultural sectors are exercised by this segment of the population.   Aboubakar Assidick, demands a strong collective mobilization to meet the major challenges related to education. Achieving the objectives of sustainable development (Odd) requires the elements of response that the educational community will provide.

Each year, UNESCO calls on countries to strengthen their political commitment to education as an enabling force conducive to the achievement of all sustainable development goals.

Makine Djama


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