The Senegal Wants to co-organize The Cdn 2025 With Guinea, The Gambia, And Mauritania (chairman Fsf)


The Senegal wants to co-organize the CDN 2025 with Guinea, the Gambia, and Mauritania (chairman FSF)

Senegal’s ambition is to co-organise the edition 2025 for the Africa Cup of nations (CAN) with Guinea, the Gambia, and Mauritania, has revealed the president of the senegalese football Federation (FSF), Me Augustin Senghor.

The project in Senegal, “now that you CAN play is 24, is to make a conception with our neighbouring Guinea, the Gambia and Mauritania”, he announced in an interview published Friday on the website of Radio France internationale (RFI).
“From the geographical point of view, we have this proximity. The distances are not enormous,” argued the president of the FSF, according to which Senegal could be the hub of a tournament of large-scale, organised by three or four countries”.
“It is, in any case, our ambition. […] Since 1992, we have not organized the CAN. Senegal has shown its capacity to host large events, including through the CAF Awards. It has infrastructure that will grow everywhere. It is well off in terms of accommodation, in hotels in particular”, explained to Me Augustin Senghor.
He added, however, that Senegal “will be able, in four years, to organize a large CAN, alone or with other countries”.
“If one follows the logic that is ours to CAF, Cameroon will host the CAN-2021 and this will certainly be the Ivory Coast, which will accommodate the CAN by 2023. Senegal can only be positioned on 2025, if the Guinea accepts a principle of conception or if it discontinues. […] 2025, it may be in our ropes,” insisted Me to Senghor.
It has been reported that the FSF had already discussed this issue with leaders of the guinean football Federation (FEGUIFOOT). “But it depends on the political will of the two States,” noted Augustin Senghor.

“It is first of all that Guinea is to say that it is not going to organize one this tournament. Because there is often a question of national pride premium’, which is “to show that we can organize the CAN all by itself”, concluded the president of the FSF.

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