The SDF will request a parliamentary inquiry into the removal of the CAN 2019 in Cameroon


The members of the parliamentary group of the Social Democratic Front (SDF), and 1st opposition party in the national Assembly, were seized, on December 19, Cavaye Yeguie Djibril, president of the lower House.

Subject : “Proposal for resolution, regarding the constitution of a parliamentary commission of inquiry on the withdrawal from the organization of the CAN [Africa Cup of nations 2019] in Cameroon “.

In its statement of grounds, the SDF indicates that the authorities responsible for the preparation and organization of this great mass of the football, had reassured the head of State, Paul Biya, that everything would be ready in the allotted time.

This insurance, according to the parliamentary group, had brought the head of State to personally take the commitment to the people of cameroon as well as in front of the international community, saying precisely : “the CAN 2019, it is already tomorrow. You have an appointment with the Africa sports even in Cameroon. And Cameroon will be ready to on the day said “.

Only, notes the SDF, the Confederation of african football (CAF) has decided, on November 30, 2018, to withdraw the organization of CAN 2019 in Cameroon, as a result of delays in the construction of infrastructure to house the competition.

Therefore, the SDF challenges Cavaye Yeguie Djibril, based on the constitution, which provides in its articles 14 (2), 29 and 35, the monitoring of government action by the legislature, this ” for the purpose of determining responsibilities and to draw the necessary consequences “.



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