PACJA – Gabon calls for the creation of a National Council of Gabonese Civil Society


Libreville, March 3 (GabonInitiatives) – The Executive Secretary of Ong Gabon Ecology, Fabrice Ntchango also National Coordinator of the Pan African Alliance for Climate Justice (PACJA – Gabon) and the Network of Civil Society Organizations for the Green Economy in Central Africa (ROSCEVAC), has just launched this weekend, at ODDIG headquarters located in the commune of Akanda, a call to the assembly of Civil Society Organization (CSO), the Government and institutions of the Republic to work more to the creation of a National Council of Civil Society of Gabon (CNSCG), in the same way as the National Council of Democracy (CND) for the policies or the National Council of Youth (CNJG) ), in order to match the demands of globalization.

Mr. Ntchango, who has been spreading this idea for some time on social networks through a platform created on whatsapp, explains that "this forum has all its raison d'être and instead of creating a platform of association association that could advocated the active participation of CSOs in development in our country I advocate the creation of a National Council of Civil Society.

This young actor of the Gabonese civil society who embodies the future, supports that he realized that by doing a little benchmarketing from google that countries like Senegal, Mali, Guinea, Djibouti … have this institution can serve as a model for Gabon.

As for the role and attributions assigned to the creation of an institution which he calls all his wishes, considers that this council will have among other missions to "ensure the watch, the control and the alert for the taking into account of the concerns of the concerns people in development programs and policies and in peace and security " to make " alternative proposals on policies and protection of ESCR " , " to equip CSOs with the capacity to better defend the interests of grassroots populations ". "and to" ensure internal and external communication and an interface between civil society, the state and other stakeholders. "

According to him, this new institution will aim at "promoting the mobilization, the dialogue and the dialogue between the CSOs and the other partners and supporting them to act on the policies and the strategies of economic, social and cultural development in progress or of 'news'.

It remains to be seen whether this appeal will be heard by the highest authorities of the country: Case to follow …

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