The indian group Bravia hotels takes over the management of the hotel Gaweye in Niamey

Hotel Gaweye Niamey The hotel Gawey of Niamey , one of the few hotel establishments in the cup public under the management of the indian group Bravia Hotels in the framework of a public-private partnership, announced by the government at the end of a council of ministers on Friday 28 December. The partnership contract between the Niger and the indian service focuses on the management and renovation of Gawey, according to a communication from the minister of tourism, without specifying neither the duration nor the amount of the contract. Niger is engaged in a vast program of modernization, upgrading and expansion of its hotel portfolio in the context of the summit of the African Union scheduled in July 2019 to Niamey. One of the flagship projects in this area is the construction of a hotel complex the presidential decree of 5 stars in the capital for more than $ 36 billion CFA francs. The country has a capacity of 3000 beds while more than 5000 guests are expected in the framework of the summit, AU.
CA/ANP – 00164 – December 2018

December 30, 2018
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