Britain's ambassador to Algiers at FFS


Members of the national leadership of the Front des Forces Socialistes (FFS) met on Tuesday with Britain's Ambassador to Algeria, Barry Lowen.

" A delegation from the national leadership of the Socialist Forces Front (FFS), received on Tuesday 29 January 2019 at the party's national headquarters, His Excellency the Ambassador of Great Britain to Algeria, Barry Lowen. the political, economic and social situation in Algeria.The representatives of the FFS reiterated the position of the party considering that the conditions for a free and transparent democratical election are not met, and that therefore, the FFS does not will not present a candidate and will not support any candidate, " said a statement from the same party.

The FFS recalled, on occasion, "its positions on economic issues and social issues and the discussions also focused on regional and international issues" as well as "its project to build the democratic Maghreb peoples".

The delegation of the leadership of the FFS was composed of the members of the presidential body, Ali Laskri, Brahim Meziani and the national secretary for communication, Jugurtha Abbou, says the FFS.


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