Tripoli's business zone untapped


The mini-zone of activity of Tripoli in the commune of Boudouaou, west of Boumerdès, is diverted from its initial vocation. The fifteen lots allocated to investors to start up their businesses and start the business are not exploited wisely. As a result, the creation of wealth and employment are relegated to Greek calenders.

Nine out of the fifteen investors did not file the PCA building permit to obtain the project launch sesame. For example, the companies Sarl Promed, Sarl Milk Choco Clate, and Sarl Nova were not created due to the lack of a parcel permit issued by the PCA.

The promoters, according to the P / APC and as mentioned on a document of the management agency and land organization of the wilaya, did not present themselves to the departments concerned to file the permit file. Other promoters have transgressed the law by building buildings without the approval of the authority granting the lottery permits.

This is the case of the promoter Sahraoui.S, who realized a completely finished building without having the license of lotir. The document we have on us, also lists, investors whose file is studied with reservations that must be lifted. The promoters did not show up to raise them and the projects did not come into being.

Four projects have reservations including that of Ben Ouiche Lila who has not lifted the reserves since October 2017. As a result, the contract of the land agency has expired. Two other projects raise reservations but their promoters removed the files to raise them and to deposit them after studies in order to start the activity. This mini-zone is a stone's throw from the CPA Boudouaou, right in the city center. The P / APC proposed to transfer it to a public facility such as a school or to release it in order to decongest the rapidly growing city center.

In recent years, the population of Boudouaou has doubled and public infrastructure has not accompanied this demographic boom, generating pressure on the second largest town of Boumerdes in terms of population reaching 95,000 souls. The town of Boudouaou needs financial means to cope with its expansion.

And the development of the zones of activities and the enlargement of its industrial fabric are only a locomotion to finance its development. In the aftermath of the financial crisis in which the country is plunged, the central state has urged the P / APC to create wealth and not rely on the subsidies of the administration which is steadily dwindling.

Youcef Z.


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