The debt of Gabon, estimated at nearly 5,000 billion f cfa


Published the 18.12.2018 at 16h18 by APA News

The overall debt of the Gabon accounted for nearly 5,000 billion CFA francs in the end of September 2018, reported Tuesday the local press.According to the new Gabon, an online journal, 823,7 billion CFA francs, is the sum of the debt’s growth between January and September 2018. It is thus part of 4153,2 billion FCFA in the beginning of the year, 4976,9 billion CFA francs during the first nine months of the year, representing an evolution of 19.8%.

This debt is made up of a stock of 3195,8 billion FCFA of external debt owed to international financial markets, multilateral and bilateral partners of the commercial debt.

Multilateral debt represents an increase of nearly 80% of this envelope with an amount that is party to 543 billion FCFA to 965 billion FCFA.

The debt towards the international financial markets is of 1234,4 billion FCFA, down by 6.7% year-on-year.

Regarding the domestic debt, it is undergoing an evolution of more than 30% over the first three quarters of the year, up from 957 billion FCFA in 1531 billion FCFA.

The banking institutions and the financial market sub-regional, are the largest creditors of the State with, respectively, 792 billion FCFA 365 billion FCFA.


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