The NSSF and radio Gabon bound by a contract,


Tuesday, January 15, 2019 (GabonInitiatives) – the directors general of the National Social Security Fund (NSSF), Dr. Nicole Assélé and radio Gabon, Bertrand biaghé Angoué, have been engaged since December 2018 in their respective structures into an agreement for broadcast and media coverage of the activities of the CNSS by Radio Gabon on the whole national territory.

One of the provisions of this agreement initialed and signed this Thursday, December 20, 2018, in the room of the Board of Directors of the Institution, specifies that the deliverables of Radio Gabon consists of the broadcasting of advertising spots, announcements, press releases, passages in the various newspapers, radio, and other messages in the vernacular languages.

In fact, through its sovereign mission, which is focused primarily on the payment of social benefits, including pensions, allowances or any fees due under workers social security, the social security administration bases its action on a policy of awareness-raising and information carried on the communication in all directions, in order to raise awareness, as widely and as fully as possible to its policyholders and thus present an offer to supply always best quality.

It is in this context that it has decided to seek the assistance of Radio Gabon for the dissemination and the media coverage of its activities on the whole national territory.

The term of this agreement, concluded for a period of one (01) year, renewable, Radio Gabon will receive, in return for his services, a monthly grant and lump-sum the amount of which has not been unveiled.

Source : Press CNSS



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