Kuwait makes preparations to view partial lunar eclipse


Kuwait is following up the stages of a partial eclipse of the Moon, which will start at 11:02 pm (local time), astronomer Adel Al-Saadoun said on Tuesday. In a press statement to KUNA, Al-Saadoun added that the eclipse would end at 2:00 am (local time), noting that the midpoint of the eclipse will be at 12:32 pm on Wednesday (tomorrow).

He said that the Moon enters the Earth’s shadow and part of its face will begin turning dark. After 12:32 a.m., the Moon will begin appearing gradually until its full face becomes clear and visible, he said. The Moon will also move towards the left side of the Earth and grows dark, he noted. Because the Moon enters the Earth’s shadow, which extends to 1,400,000 kms, the Earth prevents the Sun’s light from the Moon, he said.

The Moon shines because its surface reflects light from the Sun. Two or three lunar eclipse occur in the year, and rarely four happen in a decade, he mentioned. He said that this is the second, and the last, lunar eclipse in this year. He pointed out that when a lunar eclipse occurs, all world’s regions, which are at night, will see the eclipse.


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