Kaaris expects Booba from firm foot in Tunisia and leaves him 24 hours to sign


Mar., February 12, 2019 by Pierre Gaurand

After sending a contract made to Booba for a fight in June in Tunisia, Kaaris loses patience . . . has decided to fly there down to show the Duke how determined he was to fight and especially he asked him an ultimatum: 24 hours . It is on Insta that he posted a photo of him in front of Tunis airport with a clear enough legend:

I'm already there I'm waiting for you ! ! Booba you said where you want when you want ! ! ! I leave you 24h to sign the contract or you will never have the right to speak again ! ! ! And no tching tchang tchong ! ! ! !

In the process, Booba responded with a post ( by imitating the Chinese accent ) which may well upset his enemy:

You have refused Belgium me refuse Tunisia you find a neighboring country and I fuck mother you . . .

Good guys, are you going to agree when ??


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