Iredell Museums hopes to bring ancient Egypt to Statesville


Iredell Museums is opening an exhibit to allow visitors to travel back a few thousand years.

 “Unraveling Ancient Egypt: A Sensory Tour” focuses on Margaret, North Carolina’s only Egyptian Mummy on permanent display, a news release stated.

 Museum staff said that the exhibit will center on the smells, tastes and sounds Margaret might have experienced in her lifetime.

Programs and Operations Manager Emily Baker said she wants visitors to have a memorable and touchable experience.


Other items from the exhibit. Courtesy of Emily Baker.

“Providing tangible elements helps people today fully understand the parallels between us and people who lived thousands of years ago,” she wrote in an email. “We still use spices and essential oils … and we also include opportunities to learn about and write using hieroglyphics, one of the earliest written languages.”

Staff added that visitors can learn about the minerals used to create cosmetics in ancient Egypt, details of the mummification process, go on an archaeological dig and taste customary foods.

And Baker mentioned that Margaret the Mummy has been a point of interest in Statesville since arriving here in the 1950s.

“Many people who grew up in Iredell County have childhood memories of visiting her at the museum’s previous location on Museum Road,” she said.

Iredell Museums provides several outreach programs for local organizations and seeks to highlight the history and culture of Iredell County, Baker said.

An opening reception for the exhibit will be held Friday from 6-8 p.m. at Iredell Museums at 134 Court St. in Statesville. Admission is free and open to the public. Beer and wine will be served.

To learn more, call 704-873-7347 or visit


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