Innovation : the project Tamatimna to resolve the issues of the tomato sector in Chad


The project ” Tamatimna “ which means our tomatoes in the local arab chad is raised by a group of young people and aims to provide innovative solutions in the tomato sector in Chad.

Tamatimna is a project in phase of prototyping, but does not cease to convince some juries and investors. Already, the project has won the 1st prize of Global Startup weekends on the occasion of the global Week of entrepreneurship in Chad to 2018 and recently appointed unanimously by the jury to Undertake 2019 as the best project.

Tamatimna is a micro industry that will operate in the sector of the processing, conservation and marketing of the tomato, but also the sale of products resulting from the processing. The project will offer to its customers a variety of products such as Ketchup, concentrated tomato, tomato powder and fresh tomato.

“We found a very large amount of deterioration of fresh tomato in Chad where the idea of” informed Fatima Hachim, producer-director, communicative and a member of the team. There is ” not only the deterioration of a large amount of tomato during the period of high production, but also the problem of the unsanitary conditions and the poor quality of tomato powder, mixed with the fired brick. This is why as young people we would like to resolve these issues through this project ” complete Saleh Ousman Likali, a jurist and administrator.

According To Ahmad Mahamat Assafi,
agronomist, phd candidate in biotechnology and a member of the team Tamatimna, it
is inconceivable that a country like Chad, which is vocation
agro-silvo-pastoral in any garden products such as tomato
Cameroon. ” To cope with this
situation, Tamatimna guarantor to a local production and bio, then
keep in view put on the market at the time where the need is
felt by the consumers,”
he promises.

Tamatimna also draws its strength from the dynamism and the multidisciplinary nature of its members. ” I love all the techniques available to unleash its potential. Then I discovered with time that entrepreneurship is a way of digging its best resources to then create a life-to-measure ” according to Yasmine Djibril Mahamat, a historian, a lawyer by training and an active member of the team.

believe in our ambitions and the idea of carrying this project over the top. Yes we
can ”
said Ahmad
Mahamat with courage and full of hope.


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