IGAD Council of Ministers meeting in Djibouti


The 46th Ordinary Session of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) Council of Ministers started in Djibouti this morning.

In his opening remarks, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Chair of the IGAD Council of Ministers, on which he said, covered the reform of the IGAD structure and treaty.

He said, "The first agenda of our gathering today is the IGAD Organizational Structure and Treaty. We need to conclude this unfinished business in a way that allows the Organization to speed up its economic integration. I can not think of a better time than today to realize the restructuring of IGAD so that it can capitalize on the robust situation in our region to bring the most needed peace, stability and prosperity

The Minister added that the peace, security, and development of this region would

"The lack of an organized and inclusive regional mechanism for dialogue and cooperation on the Red Sea issues," he added.

Dr. Workneh underlined the future of the region in a commitment to stability and security for all people, as well as inclusive sustainable growth and economic integration at regional level.

In a related development, IGAD and Germany have signed a 34 million Euros grant agreement during the event

The project will be used for migration and capacity building.

Chairperson of the IGAD Council of Ministers Dr. Workneh and Foreign Ministers of the United States witnessing the signing ceremony.


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