Idrissa Seck in Bignona: "ko Wakhal, thi Senegal, mounéla deukbi dafa Macky"


Idrissa Seck never misses an opportunity to catapult the outgoing President into the ropes. "I do not know of any country in the world where people have chosen the name of the president-in-office to translate distress, poverty and despair. The only country where I know that is in Senegal. The people chose the name of the president as synonymous with poverty and poverty. Ko Wakhal, thi Senegal, mounéla deukbi dafa Macky ', he said on Tuesday, during his stay in Bignona.

Indeed, for the candidate of the coalition "Idy 2019", "when you arrive at a stage or at the end of a single term, you symbolize in the eyes of the population, the failure at all levels, really, you have to to see you again, to prepare your suitcases in the greatest discretion, to detach and to leave us our country so that we can straighten it ".

Ousmane Thiane, Special Envoy to Bignona

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