HYDRAULIC – Dakar drinking water supply: an additional 50 thousand m3 soon in the network


The production works and water reservoir being built in Bayakh and about will eventually bring 50 thousand m3. This will put the Sones in a surplus position between water needs and production capacity, according to Charles Fall.

The Director General of the National Water Company of Senegal (Sones) visited yesterday with his team, the works in progress of the Special Program for strengthening the drinking water supply of Dakar (Psdak) in Bayakh and Thieudème.
The first site visited was the F6 drill dedicated to market gardeners in Beer Thialane. Then, the delegation stopped on the route of the new transfer line between Bayakh and Thieudème on the Niayes road. Then, head for the drilling under construction of Thieudème followed by drilling dedicated to the populations of Ndiar, Thor, Gollam …. The last stage was the pumping station and Bayakh reservoir.
At the end of the visit, Charles Fall said he was satisfied with the state of execution of the works (70%) which in the long term, will bring an additional volume in less than a year, plus 50 thousand additional m3. "This is why many neighborhoods that did not have water 24 hours a day or which did not have a satisfactory pressure benefit from a better diet, especially the North Fair neighborhoods, Apcsi, Fadia, Rufisque, sanitized plots … Said Charles Fall. The Dg de la Sones informs that the state is anticipating on the point to come, that is to say the period of strong heat, "the months of June, July".
These works visited are part of Phase 2 of the Psdak, which will mobilize almost 13,000 m3. "Which will put us in a surplus position between water needs and production capacity. We have almost eliminated the deficit we have been talking about for a number of years … We are no longer in a situation of tension. From here the tip, all these works will be put into service and will reinforce the existing ones, "said Fall. The commissioning of these works by Sones is planned for 2020.
The project aims to mobilize an additional 94,000 m3 / day to cope with the peak period. The overall cost of this program is 27.5 billion CFA francs, of which 13 billion for Bayakh's works. The Psdak follows the various emergency programs implemented since 2013 that have increased the production of 105 thousand m3 of water / day. The goal is to mobilize additional water volumes for Dakar. "The Psdak program aims to boost production, improve the quality of distributed water and secure the supply of electricity," said Charles Fall. He indicates that the Psdak is an interim solution pending the completion of structural structures Keur Momar Sarr 3 (Kms3) and desalination plant Mamelles by Sones.
The Bayakh-Diender-Thieudème production center visited yesterday is split into two phases. The first consists of five boreholes, a station and a transfer pipe to Bayakh which came into service in July last for an additional volume of 15 thousand m3 / day.
The second comprises six boreholes, a station and a transfer pipe on the Diender-Thieudème axis for an additional volume of 15,000 m3 / d.



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