Houda Imane Feraoun :The levies on customer accounts as a sole source of income for Algeria Post


The minister of Post, Telecommunications, Technology and Digital, Houda Imane Feraoun said, Thursday in Algiers, that the levies on customer accounts accounted for Algeria’s Position as the sole source of income and the consideration of the benefits provided.

During a plenary session of the national people’s congress (NPC), devoted to oral questions, the minister stressed that “the company’s Algeria Position is substantially different from the financial institutions-bank”, specifying that the bank uses customers ‘ money in various investments, so that the financial system of Algeria’s Position is “a system purely participatory in the sense that the levies on the various operations constitute its sole source of income”. It stated that “the amounts collected do not constitute fee and taxes to be paid to the public Treasury, but are rather assigned to the investments of the company and in the coverage of its operating expenses, which were allocated in respect of that year, a package of more than $ 37 billion DA, she added. According to the figures put forward by Mrs. Feraoun, the salary costs of Algeria’s Position amounted to 29.6 billion DA. The company has spent the last year, 2.2 billion DA to the optical fiber and 920 million DA to the maintenance and improvement of the Internet stream. In addition, the minister revealed that the enreprise “has registered several projects for the coming year, including the acquisition of 65 post offices mobile for an amount of 1.9 billion DA”. All of these funds came primarily from the levy on the various postal services provided to the citizens, explained the minister, referring to the daily record of nearly 3 million transactions and withdrawal of payment at the national level as well through vending machines (ATMS) as post offices.

Concerning the levy on the accounts of people with specific needs, subject to the member’s question, the minister argued that “the support of this category is indisputable in accordance with the guidelines of the president of the Republic, Abdelaziz Bouteflika”, evoking a reflection on the revision of the decree governing these samples in order to exclude certain groups of society, including people with specific needs. For the minister, the amendment of this decree is dependent on the implementation of new techniques for the management of networks of Algeria Post.


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