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Tomorrow is mother’s day, a day set aside to honour “the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society.” I spent much of my one-week leave, which ends tomorrow, with my mother.

We ate, relived old times and threw jibes at each other. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with her. When you are lucky to have an 85-year-old mother in a society where the life expectancy for women is about 54 years, you can only be grateful and savour it while it lasts.

Every mother’s day, this thought always comes to me. Why should anybody celebrate his/her mother? Is it just because she gave birth to him/her? Mothers also gave birth to those children in orphanages; same with children rescued from bushes and pit latrines.

A photo I saw on Facebook,to me, explains why mothers should be honoured and celebrated: a mother returning from the farm on a bicycle. She had three children with her, one in front, another on her back and…

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