Thanks to donations, more than a ton of medical equipment sent to Dakar and Saint Louis from Toulouse


Thanks to the generosity of the Toulouse Oncopole and the NGO Aviation Sans Frontières, a ton and a half of medical equipment will be delivered by the end of February in Senegalese hospitals.

Exam tables, furniture, surgical instruments in good condition. In total, a ton and a half of medical equipment will fly by the end of February for Senegal and should be made available to patients and staff of hospitals in Dakar and Saint-Louis.

Donations made possible thanks to the generosity of the Toulouse Oncopole. It is the volunteers of the NGO Aviation without Borders who have recovered the equipment before storing it on the premises of the Airbus Foundation.

Since 1980, doctors, line pilots, engineers, all passionate about aviation and sensitive to the lack of care of the African populations, carry emergency aid from France.

The bunker full of a A330 Neo delivered to Air Senegal
The equipment will be transported in the new Airbus A330 ordered by Air Sénégal and delivered at the end of February.

In the spring, Senegalese doctors will come to Toulouse for training in the use of this equipment.

Dakarecho with France 3 Occitanie

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