Gagan Gupta promoted CEO of Olam Africa with residence in Libreville

Gagan Gupta promoted CEO of Olam Africa with residence in Libreville

Gabon, Gagan Gupta Named All First CEO of Olam Africa with Residency in Libreville © Financial Afrik

Libreville, March 5 ( – The powerful boss of Olam Gabon, Gagan Gupta has been promoted to CEO of Olam Africa with residence in Libreville, learned from this multinational active in infrastructure, agriculture and energy in Gabon.

To enable Gagan Gupta to better manage his new pan-African portfolio, new directors of Olam Gabon will be appointed. According to the weekly La Lettre du Continent, Jasveer Singh, will be responsible for monitoring all infrastructure projects in the country (he currently leads the Special Economic Zone – SEZ – that Olam manages in Nkok in the suburbs of Libreville). A second officer will be dispatched from Singapore to oversee Olam's agricultural activities in Gabon.

In Gabon, Olam being its tentacles in agribusiness, port logistics, electricity and soon airports.

Olam has been established in Gabon since 1999. Since then, the group has entered into 5 Public and Private Partnership (PPP), including 3 in the field of agriculture. The first PPP concerns the oil palm. Its implementation has to date enabled the planting of 64,000 hectares of oil palm and the construction of 3 palm oil processing plants and its derivatives.

The second PPP is rubber growing. Some 11,000 hectares of rubber have been planted thanks to this partnership.

The 3 rd PPP in the agricultural sector concerns Gabonese Agricultural Achievements and Initiatives of Nationals Engaged (Seed) managed by the Agricultural Transformation Society and Rural Development (SOTRADER). It is a PPP whose particularity is to support small producers by granting them secure land, training, supervision and the guarantee of purchase of their production. GRAINE is involved in the food and oil palm sectors, two sectors in which GRAINE has a production area of 200,000 hectares.

To date, 7,731 hectares of oil palm have been planted against 1,800 hectares of food crops produced by seeds.

All PPPs between the Olam Group and the Gabonese Republic positively impacted the employment sector in Gabon. There has been the creation of nearly 11,000 cumulative jobs in Gabon. More than 60% of the employees are young people.

Camille Boussoughou

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