Gabon: a new government has been announced for the Morocco


A new government and a new presidential cabinet of gabon were announced Saturday evening from Morocco, a country where the president, Ali Bongo is in recovery.

The prime minister recently appointed, Julien Nkoghe Bekale, has detailed Saturday evening the composition of the new government, without a major change, in a video recorded in Morocco and aired on national television, gabon to 22H GMT.

The ministers shall take an oath before the president of the Republic, as provided for in the new Constitution.

The victim of a stroke on 24 October, Mr Bongo is convalescing in Morocco.

The Gabonese are waiting to know how will the delivery of an oath, and where it will be.

The office of the president, without real change it also, has also been announced,around 20H GMT, in a video recorded in Morocco by the secretary general of the presidency, Jean-Yves Teale.

Director of firm since 2017, Brice Laccruche Alihanga, remains in position.A former executive of the bank, BGFI, it is deemed to be close to the First lady, Sylvia Bongo.

Friday night, a new national Assembly has been put in place, after a period of eight months without deputies.At the end of April, the constitutional Court had found the vacancy of the Assembly, finding that the government had failed to hold the parliamentary elections on time. The legislative work had been transferred to the Senate.

Has Libreville, rumors swell on the back of the chair in the next few days.

The state of health of Ali Bongo is the subject of many speculations.

The opposition parties and the civil society do not cease to call the constitutional Court to find a vacancy of power.

They deem the president unfit to govern, while talking about “clan wars” around close to the head of the State, between, for example, Brice Laccruche to the head of the intelligence services, Frédéric Bongo.

This is “debates”, says one source close to the presidency, which asserts that Mr. Bongo governs and prepares to return to Gabon.

On Monday, a coup attempt took place in Gabon, the putschists have, in part, justified their actions by the consequences of the state of health of Ali Bongo.


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