Gabon: The expectations of Ali Bongo Ondimba of the government


Libreville, Thursday, February 7, 2019 (News from Gabon) – The Head of State instructs a concretization of the ongoing reforms and the rapid revival of growth.

To believe the spokesman for the Presidency of the Republic, in the head of Ali Bongo Ondimba, it urge! We must act to meet the needs of Gabonese who are diverse and immense. During the press conference on Thursday, Ike Ngouoni Aila Oyouomi, will note that for the President of the Republic, the achievement of this objective passes inevitably through the effective implementation of the reforms taken out of the Council of Ministers held in June 2018.

"The Head of State expects that the unprecedented structural reforms, decided in 2018 are implemented to the end to enable them to produce their full effects. This is the case of the reform of the State, including the reduction of public operating expenditure, the number of civil servants and the state of life. It is also the case of the reform of the public accounts balance, following the work of the Task Force on Public Finances (in addition to the reduction of the operating expenses, this reform, I remind you, endeavors to improve revenue collection and reduce our debt). This is the case, without pretending to be exhaustive, of the reform of education and training (following the work of the Task Force on Education which emphasized employability, in other words, need for a better correlation between the training provided and the real needs on the Gabonese labor market), "he said.

For the speaker, the number one Gabon insists on the revival of growth. "The head of state insists on the implementation of public policies likely to accompany the return of growth this year in Gabon. In his mind, this means continuing to pursue our strategy of sector diversification (via agriculture, tourism, the economy, the digital economy, etc.) and to encourage the creation of companies or self-employment. job, "he says.

"It is also a way to honor our word vis-à-vis the international financial institutions that, in return for the implementation of the Economic Recovery Plan, the PRE, have supported us in recent years, as the IMF and the World Bank, "said Ike Ngouoni Aila Oyouomi.

For the Head of State, the realization of all these efforts should allow an improvement in the living conditions of citizens with a focus on the social in terms of solidarity (retirement, health insurance), but also all that as we have seen, education, health, etc.

"But if there were to be an arch-priority this year, in the president's mind, it's clearly employment. Employment which conditions the insertion in a society and offers guarantees of decent life. The President of the Republic intends to stimulate a dynamic in this regard: to increase the number of jobs created each year in the private sector so that it exceeds the number of people who, each year, enter the labor market, that's already a first ambition to achieve ", will launch the spokesman of the Presidency of the Republic.


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