Gabon : The return of president Ali Bongo Ondimba


Libreville, Sunday 13 January 2019 (Info Gabon) – the president of the Republic should return to the country in the coming hours, alerting to sources close to the Presidency.

According to
sources generally well informed, the president of the Republic should
return to Gabon in the next few hours. After more than two and a half months
spent away from his native land, after an uneasiness which he was the victim of the 24
October 2018 in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia while he was taking part in a forum
economic, Ali Bongo Ondimba must return to the fold from Rabat
in Morocco. At the invitation of his friend and brother king Mohammed VI, the head of
the State continued its recovery from the November 26, 2018 in the kingdom

We do not know the day
and time, but what is true is that Ali Bongo will be in Gabon the week
, “says a source. “The government will well oath in Gabon and
not in Morocco as the insinuations of critics of the power
another. The different sources are based on the appointed Friday evening
Julien Nkoghe Bekale for the post of Prime minister, head of government.
Because, the head of State will come to receive the oath of the new government
the composition of which was unveiled Saturday night by the Prime minister.


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