FA Malawi veep Mwenda removed as Chair for Cosafa

This has come about at the hot heels of the forthcoming elective FAM Annual Meeting slated for December, 2019.

Mwenda Tuesday evening confirmed in Lilongwe that he has been removed but has not disclosed the reasons for his removal.

 Mwenda’s announcement to contest as FAM President some three weeks ago might has contributed to this decision by FAM executive.

Surprisingly, Northern Region Football Association (NFRA) endorsed Mwenda for his candidature and Central Region Football Region (CRFA) consolidated it later.

However, football fraternity were shocked to learn that both associations had distance themselves to the endorsements.

They said it was done without consultations as it only reflected individual   views.

FAM President Walter Nyamilandu has not indicated his position as to whether he is ready to go for fourth term of office.

Mwenda and Karonga United Chairperson, Chipanga have come up to indicate their wishes.

Former Executive member of FAM, Julius Mithi has indicated Mwenda had made a right decision to view the FAM presidency.

He feared that there was a long way to December polls and noted that Mwenda might be sidelined by FAM or be victim of circumstances.

No official from FAM was able to pick their phones when contacted for their comment.

Under ground movement is gathering momentum to have Nyamilandu on the helm with printed t-shirts  with the support of his candidature despite not coming out to the public.