Education First! Vazir Group Reveals Findings From UAE Immigration Trends Survey

  • 63% of people said they would be likely or very likely to relocate to another country other than the UAE or their home country
  • Canada tops the list of most desired relocation destinations

Dubai: Vazir Group, a leading home-grown UAE boutique advisory firm, has revealed that education for their children is the main reason that people might relocate to another country outside the UAE. The independent survey of UAE nationals and residents, conducted by YouGov, investigated the demand for relocation and the reasons why. The findings also showed that nearly two-thirds (63%) of people said they would be likely or very likely to move to another country other than the UAE or their home country.

While education topped the list of reasons for relocating to a foreign country, a better standard of living for the family and enjoying visa-free travel through access to a second passport were also key drivers.

Top Reasons For Relocating To A Foreign Country:

  • Better education for my children
  • Better standard of living for family
  • Enjoy visa-free travel by getting a second passport

Vazir Group’s Managing Partner, Vrinda Gupta, says the results demonstrate the region’s commitment to family:

“The top two reasons for people potentially relocating to another country are both based around family values. Education is so important for many parents that they would consider a move abroad to facilitate a better experience for their children. For those already looking at sending their children abroad to study, it can make financial sense to get a permanent residency in that country, because residents are often entitled to lower fees or even free education. The UAE is positively transforming through initiatives such as the 10-year visas that will encourage more people to stay in the Emirates, but there is still a demand for the security and stability of permanent residency and citizenship. It is worth noting that many global destinations do not actually require people to relocate to that country, but those families can still take advantage of visa-free travel, and key benefits such as education and healthcare.”

The survey also revealed that Canada is the most desired relocation destination. 58% of those respondents considering a move abroad rate Canada as a preferred country, with destinations within the European Union (36%) and the USA (35%) also popular amongst the surveyed UAE population.

“There are a range of schemes available that allow immigration through investment, but it is no surprise to see Canada, with its progressive policies and generous benefits for residents, at the top of the desirable destinations.”


There are five main steps in the journey to attaining a new residency or citizenship:

  • An initial meeting between Vazir Group and client discussing preferences
  • Designing a personalised plan according to the client’s background, skills and needs
  • Helping clients to compile the appropriate legal documents
  • Sharing legal documents with local authorities in desired country
  • Authorities providing permanent residency or citizenship to client

About Vazir Group
The Vazir Group is a boutique firm that disrupts the established model of migration services in the UAE, offering specialist advice and tailor-made solutions that are perfectly attuned to the needs of the High Net Worth community, opening up new worlds of opportunity, stability and global citizenship.

Vazir Group assists individuals in achieving their relocation goals with quality professional advice, guidance and support throughout the immigration process. Whether the move is for a new job, studying, setting up a business or making an investment abroad, Vazir Group’s dedicated professionals ensure a smooth, efficient process that offers peace of mind.

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