Drinking water project: Algeria govt to invest €5m to construct boreholes in Ghardaïa


The government of Algeria has allocated a gargantuan amount of over 5 million euros to finance the construction of boreholes in the Ghardaïa division.

The Algerian government is all set to construct boreholes in the Ghardaïa division that is around 600 kilometres south of the country’s capital, Algiers. The project, as reported by Afrik21, is mainly divided into two parts. The first part financed to the tune of 3.5 million euros will allow the installation of seven boreholes equipped to supply the municipalities of Ghardaïa, Metlili, Zelfana, Hassi Lefhal, Guerrara and El Menea.

Whereas, the second phase of construction will involve the renovation, rehabilitation and extension of the drinking water supply network in these various municipalities. This is estimated at 2.5 million euros. The main objective is to improve the quality of service and support urban development in the zone.

Afrik 21 cited that Ghardaïa has 150 boreholes. Six of those dedicated for industry purpose produce an average of 270m3 per day. The department has also 110 storage tanks including a tower with a capacity of 117,000 m3. The drinking water connection rate in Ghardaïa is around 98 percent, with an average supply of 198 litres per day and per inhabitant.

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