Blood donations: the reserves to The lowest in the centre of Rabat


The self-sufficiency is far from being reached in the regional center of blood transfusion of Rabat. The capital faces a shortage worrisome in blood supplies, while the needs are increasingly important.

In order to replenish its stocks, the institution is launching an urgent appeal for donations, and invites the people of Rabat, and nearby cities to converge in mass to the sampling sites deployed across the region.

Contacted by, the director of the National Centre of Blood Transfusion and Hematology (CNTSH), Mohamed Benajiba, said that the stocks of blood at the level of the centre of Rabat are currently sufficient for only two days . A critical state that does not allow to cover the daily needs of patients in the weeks to come.

Mr. Benajiba appeal to the generosity of donors over the course of the next few days. “We held a meeting this morning (Monday) and established an action plan that we released via our communication channels. Our goal is to get to 200 donations per day, which are essential to meet the growing demand of hospitals,” hopes the head.

For those who wish to perform this act citizen, the centres of the mobile collections of the capital to find the truck of Bab El Had, the blood banks of Benslimane and Kenitra, will be opening their doors. A simple move that can save lives !


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