Siamese twins separated successfully in Dakar


The local chronic lack of indulgence in the place of doctors in the country. Sometimes, one does not point the finger at their failure. However, at the hospital Albert Royer of Dakar, on Wednesday, a team of specialists senegalese composed of six surgeons, five anaesthetists, led by Professor Gabriel Ngom and Professor Mary Ndoye have created a breakthrough medical. They have successfully managed to separate Siamese twins connected by the Sternum.
It is necessary to tell the babies Sophie and Adja were contiguous to the other during 48 days of life. Finally much to the relief of parents who have waited hours for a taste of the good news, and applaud the prowess of these doctors senegalese.
In a press release received at IGFM, one can read:“This was an operation of extreme precision carried out for the first time at Albert Royer at the end of a preparatory procedure of several weeks. The patients are currently under surveillance in the intensive care unit in the same service. The siamese, a rare case in medicine.”
He announces a press conference scheduled this Thursday, December 20, 2018 at 11 o’clock at the service of surgery of children’s hospital Albert Royer.
Source : iGFM


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