Dakar: Journalists from community radios trained in radio reportage and animation


As part of the implementation of the project: Citizen Media for Participatory Environmental Governance in Senegal; The Panos Institute of West Africa, organizes a 5-day Training Workshop for journalists and other animators of 12 Community Radios from five areas strongly affected by environmental problems in Senegal: These are Kolda radios (Endam FM, Jenku FM and Velingara FM); Ziguinchor (FM Blouf, Kasumay FM, and Kairaba FM) Sedhiou (Gabou FM, Kambeng FM and Yiirwa FM) and Dakar (Rail bi FM and Oxyjeunes) .This workshop, which is held at the Ndiambour Hotel in Dakar, is supported by the European Union. European. According to Khadim Mboup, project manager for environmental governance at the Panos Institute West Africa, the objective of the workshop is to strengthen community radio actors from a technical and thematic point of view on issues related to the environment but also to equip them with the use of the social media so that they can further popularize what they are doing in their respective radios;

Babacar Diouf


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