Africa News Post-election crisis in the Drc: The Congolese in the...

Post-election crisis in the Drc: The Congolese in the Ivory Coast, reaffirm the sovereignty of their countries and say no to …


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They are not happy, and they have decided to make their voices heard to the world. In particular, to all the heads of State, with the support of western imperialists ” lurking in the shadows “, want to interfere in the electoral process underway in their country at the risk of tipping this country into the chao. Congolese from the Ivory Coast, resident in Abidjan, known to be supporters of Kabila, but favourable to the victory of Felix Tischisekedi proclaimed by the independent national electoral Commission (Ceni), cry out to the maneuver, and says loudly and the sovereignty of their country. They rebel against any form of injunction from the outside, in the treatment of the results of the ballot, having given to the winner Mr. Tischisekedi.

These nationals of the country of Rumba, which have produced a declaration to protest against the interference from outside in the internal affairs of the democratic Republic of the Congo (Drc) is reminiscent of the position adopted on Friday 11 January 2019, by the members of the security Council of the United Nations on the subject. The latter, noting that disputes relating to the electoral disputes had been brought before the constitutional Court, had encouraged all relevant stakeholders to preserve the climate generally peaceful elections, and to assert their reserves or their disputes through ” mechanisms and appropriate processes provided for in the Constitution of their country. In particular, its ” electoral law “, in the ” respect of the sovereignty of the Drc “.

But, this diplomatic approach, as noted by supporters of Joseph Kabila in Abidjan in their press release, seems to not be to the liking of the presidents of Congo, Denis Sassou Nguesso, and of Guinea, Alpha Condé. Two heads of State who embarked on a contrary position and head ” of a platoon diplomatic “ that challenged the Congolese living in Abidjan, and having taken up the cause of the confirmation of the victory of Felix Tischisekedi. ” It is a curious thing, the two heads of State who want to bypass the middle position adopted by the members of the security Council have never accepted and then appreciate any opinion whatsoever on the outside when it comes to their country,” noted by the complainants, that reveal and denounce ” a ballet of lobbyists who have established an axis between Brazzaville, Conakry, Brussels and Paris “.

Has the believe, the abbot Tshole of Necco has been regularly sighted in the palace Sekoutoureya of Conakry. Ditto for the opponent of Moses Katumbi, argues Martin Fayulu, which would have met almost a dozen times the guinean president. ” Jean-Yves le Drian, and Didier Reynders, respectively minister of foreign Affairs of France and Belgium are very active with Sassou, and Condé to embark Kagame, the current chairman of the African Union, for a few weeks, in a scenario of interference in the regulation of the electoral process in the Drc “. Activities against which our interlocutors, who wished to remain anonymous for reasons purely diplomatic, amount. Not without proclaiming the sovereignty of the Congo to deal with electoral disputes. “It seems surprising to see the african Union convened an extraordinary session on the electoral situation in the Congo. This had not been the case with Gabon, Cameroon, where there has been strife. In view of all the foregoing, it is to be noted that the future of the Drc is now between the affirmation of its sovereignty and the orders of the various pressure groups who do not want to let go of the piece, because the country is a goose that lays the golden eggs that provokes lust “, are concerned about this diaspora in Abidjan, which finds ” intriguing ” the passion of the Western and ” jacks african “ in the folder of the Drc.

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