Ivory Coast: Ouattara remains the soul of the APC (Kader Ouattara)


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On Wednesday, March 6, 2019, at a press conference in a hotel in Abidjan-Marcory, founding members and focal points of the alliance for change, said they refused to change their alliance into a political party.

This statement follows the announcement of the transformation of the alliance for change into a political party, after an extraordinary general meeting organized by Alphonse Soro on Saturday, March 1, 2019. For the Deputy Secretary General 1 de the alliance Kader Ouattara, the latter acted in total illegality because he can not speak on behalf of the alliance. "During a general assembly in July 2014, which took place after his appointment as National Secretary for Youth of the Rally of Republicans (RDR), Alphonse Soro had submitted his resignation in the presence of all the statutory members" stressed Kader Ouattara. For him, by deciding to make the APC a political party close to Guillaume Soro, Alphonse Soro has shown ingratitude vis-à-vis President Alassane Ouattara. "We are not turning our backs on Alassane Ouattara. Teen remains the soul of the APC. Alphonse Soro can not be ungrateful to this point because Alassane Ouattara did everything for him ". Asked about the actions that will be carried out by him and the founding members, Kader Ouattara answers: "the General Assembly which is sovereign will decide the way forward". An extraordinary general meeting is scheduled for Saturday, March 9, 2019. At this meeting, Alphonse Soro will be invited, according to the conference organizer.

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