Ivory coast : Henri Konan Bédié splits of vice-presidents, pro-RHDP – JA – 5 Jan. 2019


The president of the PDCI of Henri Konan Bédié was conducted on January 3, a number of new appointments in his party. While separating itself from its vice-president Daniel Kablan Duncan, he has strengthened the powers of the anti-RHDP, the party unified.

The cloth was burning between Henri Konan Bédié, and Daniel Kablan Duncan. The last act performed by the now ex-coordinator of the activities of the vice-presidents of the democratic Party of Ivory Coast (PDCI, the former ally of the president’s party), which has established with ministers from the PDCI movement PDCI-Renaissance, the end of December, has provoked the retort of the president of his party, the 3rd of January. Multiple personalities are no longer included in the new list of 38 vice-presidents appointed by Bédié.


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