Côte d'Ivoire / education: COSEFCI continues strike, government says "everything will be on track"


Abidjan (Côte d'Ivoire) – The Coalition of Education / Training Sector Trade Unions of Côte d'Ivoire (COSEFCI) held a strike vote on Wednesday in the General Assembly pending concrete responses to its demands. while the Ivorian government assures that "everything will be on track" by next week.

At the end of a General Assembly in Yopougon, in the West of Abidjan, COSEFCI decided to "maintain its slogan of strike until further notice", inviting "the Ivorian government to provide answers concrete at all points of claim on his table ".

Since Monday, the courses are mixed in the secondary and primary despite the appeal of the minister responsible for the recovery. According to the spokesman of the government, Sidi Toure, "the courses have resumed even if in some places we see some detentions."

"The courses have resumed, the trend is good, by next week, everything will be on track (…). These are pockets that are being discussed and discussed, "said the spokesman of the Ivorian government after the Council of Ministers.

He welcomed that "at the university, the school has taken over. (However), there are still some points to stabilize with the various unions to the effect that the recovery that has been observed is continuous so as not to break.

COSEFCI, which is willing to negotiate, called "the State of Côte d'Ivoire to release immediately all those who are incarcerated in the context of this strike," condemning "the freezing of wages and all accounts teachers for strike action ".

"We invite the government to reopen the accounts of teachers in Côte d'Ivoire and denounce a maneuver that aims to starve teachers to choke them because they are on strike," said Pacome Attaby, the speech of the COSEFCI.

Despite this "repression", he said, "teachers are determined to afford this year 2019 better living and working conditions, including the revaluation of their housing allowance, the elimination of Wednesday's courses, the upgrading of school exam bonuses ".

The trade union organization also demands "the establishment of integrated management centers examination centers, the remuneration of exams monitoring, the payment of 500,000 Fcfa to each ex-contract teacher and integration into the public service of the residual of these teachers in particular struck off for strike in 2014 "and" the abolition of the jobs of ordinary teachers and assistants recruited with the BEPC ".

Intersyndicale of public primary education in Côte d'Ivoire (ISEPPCI), which recently went on strike, called for the resumption of classes Monday after a General Assembly held on Saturday, suspending his word strike order for one month.

For more than a month, a crisis has shaken the Ivorian school. A teachers', preschool, primary and secondary school strike is crippling the Ivorian education system, disrupting education in Abidjan and in the country.
At the level of the higher courts have resumed since Monday after a suspension of the strike slogan of the National Coordination of Teachers Researchers (CNEC) of Côte d'Ivoire following the release of two trade unionists.

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