Local councils: the CEO wins the six town halls of Libreville


Candidates invested by the ruling Democratic Party of Gabon (PDG) won on Sunday the election of members of the councils offices of six districts of the capital of Gabon. This broad victory gives the power to this political party to control the commune of Libreville as a whole.

The Gabonese Democratic Party will lead the councils of the six arrondissements that count the Gabonese capital. All the candidates invested by his hierarchy came out victorious at the end of the election of borough mayors.

In the first arrondissement is the candidate of the CEO, Obame Emane who was elected. He will respectively have deputy mayors, Mrs. Rapontchombo wife Damascus and Hughes Mboumba Nguéma.

The second district, whose council was chaired by the Opposition for the last term, will now be led by Albert Oyame. He will be assisted by Henri Paul Nanh Biyoghe and Nicolas Moussotsi.

Same story in the third district where the candidate of the CEO, Jeanne Ngombele will lead the mayor of this part of the town of Libreville as mayor. She will be accompanied by Jocelyne Bicheppie Makita and Raoul Lassy Taty.

In the fourth arrondissement, the ruling party remains in control with Axel Djesson Ayenoue, who is re-elected. He is followed by Alain Obiang Mba and Issa Malam Salatou, all from the ruling party.

In the fifth arrondissement of Libreville, Chady Moukarim, whose candidacy was contested by the four federations, was finally elected mayor with 21 votes out of 27 voters.

Chaired by the Center for Liberal Reformers (CLR) Jean Boniface Assélé, the town hall of the sixth arrondissement of the town of Libreville will be led by Wilfried Ghislain Issiembi. The new mayor will be assisted by Mfoumboulou Anatole, of the Opposition party Rassemblement legacy et moderne (RHM), the only candidate in this race, and Ondo Ondo Juvenal, who is the second deputy mayor of the 6th arrondissement.

This victory follows that resulting from the election of members of the municipal council office of the Municipality of Libreville on February 3rd.

Stéphane Nguéma


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