Congo: Student Awareness of the SDGs


Congo : sensibilisation des élèves aux ODD
This morning of information and training was organized in partnership with the United Nations system. It mainly concerned schoolchildren in classes from CP2 to CM2. The achievements made available to these students concerned the missions of the United Nations (UN).

The arguments presented to these children were based on three essential points. The first was to explain to them the UN, based on the promotion of human rights, the linchpin of its action around the world. It has become clear that "all men are equal and no one should be deprived of their rights. "

Starting from these considerations concerning the promotion of human rights, the trainers, using pedagogy, have devoted themselves to the explanation of four Development Objectives, directly related to the harmonious development of the child. In this perspective, the trainers have worked to make these children understand what is the 2030 agenda of the United Nations.

Déo-Gracias Ngoulibi, one of the participating students added that this forum allowed them to internalize the idea that it was signed in 2015 at the headquarters of the UN office, a law which stipulates that in each Member State of the world organization children must be educated at the age of 6 years.

The morning proved indispensable, in that each participant was able to understand the need to go to school, ie compulsory schooling. These schoolchildren were built on the content of each SDG. In other words, if school is compulsory from the age of 6, there is also the quality of the education to be transmitted to the student. And SDG 4, for example, works on the quality of the education provided in schools.

In addition, there are other SDGs, such as those related to good health and well-being, clean water consumption, sanitation, and measures to combat climate change. climate change and many others.

The children followed the screening of a film that summarizes human rights; The highlight of this training session will have been the children's contact with the GoGoals card game, a game about the SDGs produced by the United Nations. There was, for example, a question-and-answer session on the SDGs and a presentation of gifts to the best students.

The campaign to mobilize around the SDGs was launched on January 29 in Pointe Noire by the Brice Dimitri Bayendissa Foundation. It aims to constitute a sacred union in favor of "alternative" indicators that better take into account the human, societal and environmental aspects of development.


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