Confirmed: Dakar 2020 will be held in Saudi Arabia


The 2020 Dakar Rally will be held in Saudi Arabia. The rumours which surfaced two weeks ago, have now been confirmed by the Amaury Sports Organisation (ASO).

The Dakar has been held in South America since it moved away from the African continent in 2009.

The agreement that the ASO has signed with Saudi Arabia is meant to be a five-year deal. The move to Saudi Arabia comes after the 2019 edition of the Dakar was held entirely in Peru, the first time that the Dakar has been held entirely in one country. The situation arose after Bolivia and Chile withdrew from the rally.

It is also being reported that Saudi Arabia has 1.4 million square miles of desert sands for the event. More details for the 2020 edition of the Dakar will be revealed in a press conference in Al-Qiddiya on the 25th of April, 2019.


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